Sunday, 21 April 2013


First day at nursery!
Adi had her first day at nursery this week.

There is a pre-nursery at the school, which she attended from the age of two but she hasn't been back since she was diagnosed. This is mostly due to her susceptibility to infection, particularly chicken pox which we absolutely must avoid.

With this new round of chemotherapy, Adi's immunity isn't as badly damaged, so we are hoping that she can attend nursery at least once or twice a week. We have had a meeting with the school nurse, our community nurse, the school's welfare officer and the nursery manager. The aim of the meeting was to draw up a care plan/agreement between ourselves and the school. The school nurse (who's remit covers a number of schools) was there to fill in the form....I felt that she had little, if any, understanding of Adi's condition (though gotta take that as a positive - glad there aren't more children in the same situation).  The school however, was wonderfully supportive and understanding and asked lots of 'what if' type questions that covered all possibilities.We still have to avoid any nasty bugs and they will also be sending out a message to all parents asking them to alert the office if their child contracts chicken pox in particular.

The truth is, however, that I will probably attend with her most of the time. I am scared stiff of her central line being pulled by accident, or even cut with over-enthusiastic 3 years wielding scissors.We also have to make sure she doesn't get the ends or dressing wet. I know the nursery staff will do their best but think it is a huge responsibility to place on someone who isn't medically trained and has to look out for a large number of other people's kids. It wouldn't be fair to them or to the other children in the nursery if Adi has all the attention. Plus, I am very, very protective of Adi, perhaps overly so but I am not quite ready to back off just yet.

So we went in for our first session. Adi was greeted by all her friends who wanted her to play with them. We make sure she is as sociable as possible and has been seeing her friends regularly. Being a faith school, they also say prayers for her every morning, so her name is now probably ingrained in all the kids minds. Her friends stuck to her and made sure she was escorted around the nursery and kept company at the drawing and sticking and snack tables. She was a bit overwhelmed at first, she hasn't been in this situation for a long time, but the perseverance of her friends won out and she reassured both them and the teacher that she would indeed be back the following week.....blood counts allowing that is.........

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