Thursday, 9 May 2013

Smoked Salmon and Love

We went to a celebration last weekend for my cousin's wedding anniversary. It ended up being quite an event for Adi as nearly everyone there knew of her condition, many pray regularly for her and everyone wished us well.

Grandpa wanted to show her off and people who have been asking after her wanted to see her, but Adi had other ideas....she decided the buffet was much more important and explained that she couldn't "talk now as I am eating". She then went on to strip several bridge rolls of their smoked salmon toppings, leaving a row of butter-only rolls in front of her. That's my girl!

People were just thrilled to see her eating so well and being so happy. I was aware though that Asher also needed to be brought into the picture...and made sure he was also introduced and his outstanding big brother status was praised. It is easy for him to get sidelined at times like these and he shouldn't be.

Adi took everything in her stride but I think it was a bit harder for me. Towards the end of the morning, I started to get a bit weepy. A little overwhelmed with all the good wishes and care. Lots of deep breaths and a swift exit are needed when that happens but I take more Heart with me.

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