Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Hearing aids

We went to GOSH for another hearing test yesterday. The good news is that the switch from cisplatin to carboplatin SEEMS to have halted the deterioration in Adi's hearing, which is a relief. However, they do recommend that Adi is fitted for hearing aids as she has suffered significant hearing loss at the higher frequencies.

She can still hear OK but while she is still developing her speech, the consultant explained that the hearing aids will help her. A bit like putting glasses on and suddenly seeing things a little bit sharper...the hearing aids will just help a bit, particularly at school later on when it comes to hearing in classes and spelling out words.

We'll be going back to have molds of her ears taken shortly.

While we were at the hospital we met two other parents whose children also have medulla blastoma, who are going through exactly the same treatment and who were there for hearing tests because of the cisplatin. It is odd talking to people who have exactly the same treatments - they tell me that what we have is rare so to have three of us in the one place at the same time felt very strange. Perhaps we need to form a club! 

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