Tuesday, 30 July 2013

End of Treatment MRI

We are exhausted. It's been a long day. We had the end of treatment MRI scan today. We've seen some very ill children, which always hurts. Asher has also been playing us up a bit these last few days. He's unhappy with the extra attention Adi is getting and is being affected by her bad moods but doesn't know how to handle it, and I guess we are too tired to make him feel special. Thanks to friends and Dave's Mum, he's received some very special attention and distraction but he does need a lot of love from us right now. We have to pull our socks up..

Adi was a superstar today though, I couldn't be prouder of her. They have to do her scans under general anaesthetic as she is too little to stay still enough. This means she had no food from 7am this morning. She was also having another procedure, molds for hearing aids taken as she's been getting distressed when they tried to do it in audiology. We didn't know until an hour before we arrived at the hospital whether they would be able to accommodate this (more stress) but in the end the staff were amazing and it was done. Unfortunately, it did mean that Adi had to wait until later in the day before they put her under, so it wasn't until 3pm that she went down but she didn't moan or complain at all. She was calm when we saw the anaesthetist and didn't make a fuss, just handed him her red wiggly line and snuggled down into my lap, ready to go to sleep.

All went well and we are home now. Adi is asleep in bed. Sadly we noticed that her hair has started falling out again. The cyclophosphamide must be kicking in now. Just this morning she was chuffed to bits with how her hair has been growing back  - it is starting to cover her ears now! So it is painful that we have to start all over again. Never mind, Adi is getting a pet fish like Peppa Pig's this week...they don't have hair either!

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