Monday, 5 August 2013

Finally relief!

We spoke to the doctor at GOSH this morning. She is happy with Adi's scan and has put in a request for the Hickman line to be taken out in September! I can't wait for that to happen!! Adi's been desperate to go swimming for ages. Splashing in the bath, jumping in muddy puddles and water fights, here we come!!!

It also means that Adi will be able to start back at nursery next term. She is very excited about it. Her nursery friends and 'aunties' put together a very special book of pictures and photos for her, which they gave her in December. This book has been so special to her all the way along and when we said she would be going to nursery again, she ran straight for the book and started pointing out everyone, asking if they would be there.

She's also putting in a request for her next scan, which will take place around October time. That's the one I am really worried about. 3 months without any treatment.  I keep reminding myself that the consultant pointed out earlier in the year that if it was a determined tumour, neither chemo or radiotherapy would have stopped it.

In 6 months' time, we will have to redo all of Adi's vaccinations - but in the grand scheme of things, that is a little hurdle.

I feel a lot lighter than I did on Friday. Actually speaking to the doctor and hearing her say that the MRI report shows there is no change and talking about vaccinations in 6 months' time makes me start seeing the light at the end of this dark, vile, hateful tunnel.

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