Friday, 25 October 2013

Eyes, ears and scans.

Adi is doing really well with her hearing aids and is happy to wear them. Her eyes are working well together. She would benefit from wearing a patch to strengthen her left eye but it really restricts her vision, as she doesn't have 100% sight in that eye, so she peels off the sticky patches. We have tried using reusable material patches that fit over her glasses, which are a really clever design BUT she tends to cheat with those, adjusting her glasses so she can peak out with her right eye. The consultant said that with everything going on at the moment, there is no need to stress her out and we can play catch up in a few months' time. Her squint is responding well to the glasses though, so we will go back in a few months and they will give us a stronger prescription for those.

Her MRI scan is going ahead tomorrow. We phoned to check the details and to ensure that Adi's cold won't interfere. The secretary on the phone said they wanted to go ahead 'as this is an important scan'. Those words made me catch my breath. I am still holding it now. We know that this is an important one. It is the first scan she has had since treatment stopped. People look at Adi and tell us we have nothing to worry about.  She is fine, playing nicely, a little tired but so are a lot of kids in her nursery after two full weeks but we cannot shake the knowledge that cancer is small. Cancer can hide and not be seen until it has a grip on its victim. Cancer may not make itself known until it is too late. That's why we have to have a scan every 3 months, because they cannot do it anymore often, because, if it has returned, they need to catch it as soon as they possibly can. We know all this but hearing the hospital reiterating it means that we cannot breathe again until we have the results on Thursday.

Please send Adi your prayers, positive thoughts and happy vibes.

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