Thursday, 3 October 2013

Finding her feet!!

Ice Skating with Daddy!
'I'm coming, I'm coming!' Adi called out as she ran across the nursery to me yesterday. She then talked non-stop all the way home about what she did and who she played with and which friends 'looked after me'. I can't wait to pick her up today and find out more. She loves nursery and is enjoying it more all the time. She isn't crying when I leave her, though she does want a cuddle from the teacher to start with, and is just as happy as the others. Not only that but I was expecting her to get too tired to make it through a whole session but she is fine! This week is her first full week at nursery, so we'll see how she goes but so far so good! There I am saying 'oooh I don't know if she'll go everyday', 'oooh I don't know if she'll stay for the whole morning', but there she goes proving me wrong again!!

She is hitting life with a passion - she asked to go ice skating this weekend and jumped straight on the ice and
Thank you Becky and Mya!
 loved every minute of it.
 We went to a soft play area and she climbed to the top of the climbing frame - something she couldn't do just 2 weeks ago. 

She is also more confident with other people. For the past year, Adi has
been my shadow - one that is very securely attached to me. I have company in bed, in the bath, even on the toilet. Now she is less adverse to going to other people I am getting a bit more freedom - chatting to friends when we visit their houses, drinking warm(ish) coffee and I have realised that I suddenly have more time to give Asher cuddles. Adi does still get a bit jealous but I can be tougher with her now and make sure Asher has my attention when he needs it. It is quite amazing! 

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