Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flight of Dreams

We got a phone call last Wednesday from Rays of Sunshine, asking if we could get to Gatwick airport next Tuesday morning (yesterday) for a very special flight. The answer was 'you bet!'. Adi has been desperate to go on an aeroplane for a long time, so this was a real wish made true for her.

This flight was organised by Thomas Cook, and donated to Magic Fm's charity Cash for Kids, who got in touch with Rays of Sunshine. Thomas Cook staff volunteered to help on the day..they all dressed up and gave out sweets and smiles. The children were all as good as gold, waiting to get on the plane (of course, they are used to waiting).

absolutely enthralled!
Once we were on the plane, the pilot, Captain Christmas, announced that we were going to try and chase Santa's sleigh, as Santa often test drives his reindeer at this time of year. Everyone had to look out of the window for him. Suddenly, the plane jarred, making many people (including me) scream out loud. The pilot explained that something, very special had happened.... Santa had landed his sleigh on top of the plane and was climbing inside to say hello!!!

'That must be the REAL Santa!!' Asher whispered. Both he and Adi were completely thrilled at the magical event. Santa was perfect and took time to say hello to everyone. He left the plane, just before we started our descent.

As were were leaving the plane, we were told there was just one more surprise before our adventure finished. We followed the Thomas Cook staff through the airport to find Santa waiting for us with a sackful of presents! It really was a very special first flight for Adi and wonderful memory for us all. Well done Thomas Cook and thank you Rays of Sunshine for inviting us!!

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