Friday, 13 December 2013

Seasonal magic!

UCLH party at Hard Rock Cafe
I haven't written for a few weeks because we have been so very busy.

Adi has been to parties for Camp Simcha, Chigwell Riding Trust, Rays of Sunshine, UCLH T11 and we have more to come! The best thing is that she has made the absolute most out of every party she has attended. She, and Asher, have enjoyed facepainting, magicians, santa grottos, dancing and met celebrities.

At Camp Simcha there was ice cream, bouncy castles and arts and crafts galore. At Chigwell Riding School, Adi sat all by herself, enthralled at the entertainer. Coming back to me only to tell me how much she was enjoying herself. At Rays of Sunshine, the kids got to post their wishes to Santa and both Adi and I had our nails done!!

Aliens at the Hard Rock!
The UCLH party was organised by Fight for Life and hosted by the Hard Rock Cafe, who clearly put their hearts into it. We were entertained by X factor and the Voice celebrities. Asher laughed and laughed and Adi even danced on the stage!! A wonderful thing to see.

There is sadness though. David in particular can't forget why we are at these parties and it hurts. We are both nervous at the upcoming MRI scan on the 2nd January (Dave's birthday!). I try not to think about it too much. Adi had the tumour - there is nothing we can do about that. The doctors and our community have done everything they can to make her better and she is well enough to not only enjoy these parties but to party with a vengeance!

We are exhausted but we are going to enjoy every single party we can. We couldn't make any of them last year. Adi was going through treatment and we were still in shock from her diagnosis. This year we are celebrating the fact that she wants to do everything and anything!! We are not going to stop her!

Another party, another face!!

The thought and care and love that has gone into these parties has been so very special. Watching all the children have such an amazing, magical time has been wonderful....and we have even more to come! We have the Great Ormond Street party to look forward to and Rays of Sunshine phoned us this week to invite us on a Flight over London next week (arranged by Magic FM)!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!

We are doing and seeing things we never would if it wasn't for the kindness, generosity and thought that has gone into these events. It means so very much and takes our minds off of things for a few precious hours. Thank you to everyone.

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