Sunday, 5 January 2014

A good start to the New Year, if a little bumpy at first!

I didn't write much over the holidays. There wasn't much more to say than I had already said.

We've had a nice time catching up with family and dear friends. But Dave and I were also getting increasingly nervous and stressed about Adi's scan on the 2nd January. We didn't really realise how uptight we were. Asher was responding appropriately, being increasingly irritating...or was it us getting less tolerant? Dave and I were sniping at each other and shouting at poor Asher more and more. I wasn't in the mood to write on the blog. I didn't plan anything in particular for Dave's birthday as that also fell on the 2nd. I just managed to get a present to give him in time (good old internet, eh?).

On the morning of the 2nd, I realised that I had been holding my breath for about a week. I was just desperate to get to the hospital and Adi in the scanner. Asher's Camp Simcha friend, Eli, met us at the hospital and took Asher out to the Science Museum for the day, making sure he had a special time.
We were due to get the scan results on Monday 6th, which was wonderfully fast but made us worry because they usually have a whole-team meeting on a Tuesday where they discuss all the cases and it made us wonder if that would be a  problem. Can't please some people can you? The oncology nurse assured us that it was not a problem, just the opposite,...that once children go on monitoring MRIs their case files don't need to go to the Tuesday meeting unless there is an issue with their that was amazing to hear! (Of course then we worried that someone might miss I said, some people are never happy.)

Poor Adi had to wait all afternoon for her scan...that meant fasting from 7.30am until she woke at 5pm from her general anaesthetic. She was so very good and didn't cry on waking, which of course, scared me.....if she cries I get stressed, if she doesn't cry I get worried....really when will I be satisfied? I wonder when I will stop jumping and fretting at every thing.

Asher met us back at the hospital and was there when Adi woke up...he was a sweetheart, giving her his chocolate buttons (a big deal) and was probably the reason that she was so calm....he's never been there for her at recovery before.

We got out of the hospital a bit after 6 and went out for a birthday pizza....still a bit stressed and ratty with each other, I have to confess.

At 9.00am the next morning I got a call from Adi's oncologist....scared the living daylights out of me. Usually things only move fast when it's bad news. 'It's good news', Dr Slater said. 'There's been no change and there is no need to see Adi unless you particularly want to come in'. I nearly burst into tears on the phone....'Thank you for calling' I said...'it's easy to call with good news', replied Dr Slater.

We will now have another scan in 3 months....I suspect that David and I will go through the same stresses that we did this time but miraculously, this weekend, Asher's behaviour improved....or was it that we became more tolerant? We've stopped sniping and have had a quiet and calm weekend.

What's more we received a cheque from a charity called Mason's Magic that will allow us to buy Adi a tablet/ ipad. We'll use it to keep her occupied on hospital appointments and as a reward for wearing her eye patch. And an amazing friend of mine has had her gorgeous, thick, luscious, blond princess hair cut off to donate it to a charity that provides wigs for children with cancer or alopecia in Adi's name. An amazing, special gift.

Here's to a happier, healthier start to the 2014.....

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