Sunday, 2 February 2014

A busy few weeks

 Emma and I have been busy and tired finally a one and half months of celebrations and worry has come to end.

It all started with Chanukah, followed by Xmas celebrations, followed by New Year's Day, then 2nd of Jan was my birthday and importantly Adi's 2nd post treatment MRI scan, followed by the wait for the results, then another family birthday,  followed by Adi's birthday party, days later the 4 days to Disney Land Paris (with big, big thanks to Rays of Sunshine) ending this week with Asher's birthday and his party. Safe to say, we are tired, Emma is wiped out and the kids spaced out.

Adi loved Disney Land Paris (DLP), we got upgraded which was rather nice. What surprised me was that the kids had been asking to go to DLP, yet when we got to the station and explained where we were going Asher took it in his stride and went with flow. Adi saw it as a another trip to start with, yet once we were there the kids absolutely loved it. The kids found it magical, thanks to a special pass that we were given Adi was identified a child who was 'special' so could jump the queue  plus when a DLP character saw her they gave her special attention, she loved that!!

Asher got a little touchy because of the attention she was getting so we had a quiet word with him and shortly after that he calmed down. In fact, he's been the model big brother since.To be honest it hurt my feelings that we were there and the attention she was getting as it was continual reminder how ill Adi had been and the fact that we have a very long way to go. We saw a wild west show which was amazing, Adi loved the horses, Asher loved it all. Then there was the stunt show which Emma loved, burning rubber, stunt cars and bikes!!! Adi, Miss speed freak was having a wild time.... more to follow but it was lovely and truly memorable ...

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